Letter from the President

Welcome to the Rebounders Club!

We welcome all Fordham Basketball fans to join us in our efforts to enhance the fan experience and have a meaningful impact on Fordham’s men’s and women’s basketball programs.  The Rebounders Club focuses on three main areas: Support, Leadership, and enhancing the Fan Experience.

Support: The players and coaches deserve our support.  Win or lose, they work hard on and off the court, and they bear the added pressure of being among Fordham’s highest profile ambassadors.  Rebounders Club activities will be designed to support the personal growth and aspirations of the talented young men and women that represent us on the basketball court, and we will represent them with the same good faith.

Leadership: Whenever appropriate, the Rebounders Club will act on behalf of the alumni fan community to support the Fordham Basketball coaching staffs and athletic department.  Fordham alumni are among the finest and most accomplished in the world, and our combined efforts can help foster an environment conducive to winning and sustaining success in the athletic arena.

Fan Experience: Last but certainly not least, the Rebounders Club will work in collaboration with the Fordham athletic department and staff to enhance the fan experience.  I encourage you to visit our Calendar of Events.  This will be updated regularly, and we will be sending out mobile reminders to keep you abreast of new opportunities to get involved.  In addition to game day receptions, we will be organizing social functions and networking events throughout the year, and we look forward to your participation at these events.

We will also focus heavily on making Fordham Basketball information and news more readily available to fans.  For example, www.reboundersclub.com will feature exclusive coverage of our teams. Under the direction of editor, Jerry Milani (FCRH ’91), the Rebounders Club will be covering Fordham hoops throughout the year, and producing exclusive editorial content for the Rebounders Club community.

In addition to Jerry (and the dozens of others who have given their suggestions, expertise and encouragement throughout the planning process), there are several other people I need to recognize and thank who have generously volunteered their talents, time and energy to relaunching the Rebounders Club:

  • Lara Hanson, FCRH ’04, GSAS ’06
  • John Connor, FCRH ’79
  • Kate Keller, FCRH ’01
  • Mike Ratti, FCRH ’04
  • Danielle Padovano, FCRH 16, GSB ’17
  • Abigail Corning, GSB ’14
  • Caterina Abballe, FCLC ’09
  • Frank Angelino, FCRH ’62, LAW ’66
  • Ed Fitzgerald, GSB ’85
  • Rich Teer, GSB ’93, LAW ’96
  • Rob Fioravanti, GSB ’07

If you ever have questions about, or ideas to improve, the club please do not hesitate to reach out to any of these dedicated alumni directly.  In the meantime, you can always contact us at info@reboundersclub.com.  The Rebounders Club is for you, and we value your input and support.

Fordham is a special place.  I’m very proud of my affiliation with Fordham, and that’s really a credit to the people I have met, and relationships I have developed through the University. Everything the Rebounders Club does will be designed to grow that same sense of pride in Fordham Basketball, and promote the camaraderie among fans, players, coaches and administrators that is so evident throughout Fordham student and alumni life.

Go Rams!

Michael A. Kaup

FCRH ‘93

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