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The other day Rebounders Club had the opportunity to talk to rising senior Chuba Ohams. While Fordham fans across the country have been sidelined to their respective homes, Ohams resides locally, born and raised in the Bronx. He filled us in on how he’s staying busy during quarantine, staying in touch with his teammates, and rehabbing his knee.

After making tremendous strides as a junior, Chuba was sidelined with a knee injury in early January. The forward is not only poising himself for an individual comeback post-injury but as a leader and role model for the players around him.

Rebounders Club: What have you been up to these past couple of months on quarantine?

Chuba Ohams: Same old, same old. I’ve just been playing video games, watching whatever’s new on Netflix, and just rehabbing my knee so I can get back on the court.

RC: What video games have you been playing?

CO: I literally only play 2K. And Grand Theft Auto, sometimes.

RC: So are you playing 2K with your teammates, or by yourself? Do you have, like, a favorite mode? I’ve heard some of the guys on the team are pretty involved together in 2K.

CO: We usually play MyPark, where you make your own player to the park and play 3 on 3, 5 on 5, stuff like that I’m usually playing with my teammates against other guys.

RC: Who’s the best 2K player on the team?

CO: That’s easily me, not even a question.

RC: Is there a second place, or is it not even relevant to mention them?

CO: I mean, it’s not relevant, but if I had to name a second guy, it would have to be Kyle Rose.

RC: Are you pulling for any team now that the NBA is officially coming back?

CO: I grew up a diehard Lakers fan. I loved Kobe, but with all the trades, I just watch basketball to see my favorite players play. I’m not a diehard this team, or a New York Knicks fan, you know what I mean.

RC: Of course.

CO: I like watching basketball as it is, and I like watching certain players.

RC: Do you think there’s a guy or a team that really benefits from this time off?

CO: I wouldn’t say there’s a specific team. I would say the Brooklyn Nets because I thought Kevin Durant would be coming back, but he said he’s not. I wouldn’t say a team in particular benefitted from the time.

RC: I’m sure that you probably have benefited from this, just being able to take time off to rehab your knee. I was hoping you could talk a little bit about the progress you’ve made.

CO: It’s been going pretty well. Since COVID started, I’ve been rehabbing my knee on Zoom with my trainer. Last week, I started going up to a PT guy, and we’re going to continue doing that. He said I’ve been making good progress. Hopefully, I can get back somewhere around September, October, right before the season starts. That’s what we’re pushing for. It depends on how I respond to all the tests we’re doing, and we’ll take it up a notch this week.

RC: That’s great. Everyone’s hoping that you can be back come this season. I know it had to have been frustrating for you, especially down the stretch when the team started hitting its stride. You had that great A10 tournament victory at Barclays against GW. Just seeing how the offense started to click, I’m sure that has to make you optimistic knowing that the team can only get better when you get back on the court.

CO: Definitely. That’s one thing I said to myself. It’s tough, getting hurt in January since I couldn’t do anything to help my teammates. That was really tough. The one thing that I’ve enjoyed seeing is just how much each player grew as a player and as a person. I’ve seen things that they didn’t do prior to my injury, that they didn’t even know they could do themselves. Just collectively, that one win in the tournament was amazing. It showed how much everyone grew as a player and as a person. If we can pick back up where we left things and I can join into that, that’d be amazing.

RC: I know we’re all looking forward to that. Have you all been able to stay in touch?

CO: Yes, we all have Zoom meetings. I’m a team leader, and I always talk to guys, either on group Facetime calls, or just texting guys how they’re doing. We’re all close, we’ve all been talking.

RC: Are you nervous to assume that leadership role, or is that just natural to you?

CO: I would say it was natural for me. I’ve always been one of those guys that’s never been much of a follower. I do things on my own, and maybe people follow me. My coaches said I have leadership skills. It’s one of those things that even the players said, hey, Chuba should be the leader, and the coaches thought the same thing. It was one of those things where I had to step forth and claim my role.

RC: I’ve got one last question for you. We covered a lot of ground about what you’ve been up to. Any big plans for the summer, or just keep on grinding?

CO: I wanted to enjoy the summer, take some trips, enjoy the weather, see some people, but with the ongoing situation I just want to get back as quickly as possible.

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